Our Values

Provide high quality Irish Dance coaching to adults of all abilities

We coach with passion, professionalism, integrity and dedication. Our teaching focuses on the individual. All dancers receive personalised feedback and tailored goals to challenge and nurture their dancing journey.

A supportive community where everyone is treated with respect

We connect people from all backgrounds in a shared love of Irish Dance. We provide supportive, collaborative and encouraging classes where dancers feel welcome and safe. Feedback is delivered in a constructive, respectful way to motivate dancers to excel.

Committed to growth and excellence for our dancers and ourselves

We embody attention to detail and high standards, enabling success in personal goals, exams and competitions. Our performance teams are committed and skilled, performing awe-inspiring choreography. We promote hard work, perseverance and dedication.

Champion wellbeing, confidence, and enjoyment

We provide an open and inspiring environment where dancers can enjoy their passion for Irish dance. We empower dancers to thrive both in and out of the studio. We focus on overcoming mental barriers and instilling confidence, wellbeing and strength.

Preserve the authenticity of Irish Dance while fostering innovation

We respect the foundations of Irish Dance, while driving its development. We create exciting choreography, while maintaining good technique. We encourage dancers to celebrate their artistic freedom and unique style. We uphold the integrity and honesty of our art form.

Engage with the local community

We are passionate about sharing our love of Irish dance with our community through workshops, performances and charity initiatives. We create outstanding performances that inspire audiences and contribute to the local dance community.